Adele Morgan

 Singer/Songwriter, Inspirational Speaker

Adele Morgan Bio 

Adele is a singer/songwriter, inspirational speaker, producer, recording artist, and humanitarian. She has called Alaska her home since she was six weeks old. She was born in Canada and moved to Alaska with her family to live on the Yukon River in an Athabascan Indian village as missionaries.  

With 6 full-length albums to her credit, Her most recent recording, "Rooted & Grounded in Love", was produced by Scott Williams and Blair Masters in Nashville, TN. This project is full of songs of faith, hope, and love; both upbeat and worshipful.  

Adele started writing jingles for radio and developed her own music label, Blondetone MUSIC. Her singing led her to Nashville after winning a vocal contest held in her home state. In Nashville, she met some of the best in the music business, which helped hone her abilities and sustained her decision to continue to be a successful Independent Artist.  

She has performed in the small villages of Alaska and has also shared the stage with several major label artists. As a proud American, it has been an honor for her to sing and entertain high-profile Mayors, Governors, and Senators. She enjoys performing for veterans and military families. Her music videos “We The People” and "Strong For You" displays this kind of passion. (click titles to watch) 

Her music has been included in movies, videos, and radio, both nationally and worldwide. You can sample her music online anywhere music is sold.  

Adele's passion for kids and her humanitarian efforts have helped children to reach their full potential in third world countries as well as here at home. She is an advocate for all children and tirelessly promotes strong families.  

Adele has Type 1 Diabetes and wears an insulin pump. She is a former National Spokesperson for Medtronic Diabetes. Adele is also a cancer survivor.  In 2018 she was diagnosed with Ocular Melanoma, a rare eye cancer but is currently in remission.  

She travels the country and other parts of the world, speaking, singing, and entertaining people. She enjoys educating and encouraging others, both spiritually and physically. Adele’s passion for music equals her passion for people.